1. What is Terre du Lac ?

Terre du lac, means “Land of Lakes” in French. It is a private recreational land development on 5200 acres of land, located 60 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri and 5 miles west of Bonne Terre, MO. The community has 16 lakes (4 major ski lakes) for boating, fishing, swimming, water sports and two golf courses totaling 27 holes of golf. There is a large and modern Clubhouse, driving range, pro shop, Olympic size swimming pool, tennis court. There are acres of green area for public use for activities such as baseball, hockey, swimming, hiking, and horseback riding.

Terre du Lac (TDL) is unique because it is the only private community in the State of Missouri which is allowed to have its own police force. In addition, TDL has its own Fire Department and Public Works Department (to maintain roads, lakes and other public amenities.) These services are under the jurisdiction of TDL Property Owners Association (POA).

The country Club facilities are owned by TDL Country Club Inc. which is operated by the Owner Members.

The Water and Sewer Services are provided by TDL Utilities Corporation, which is privately owned and operated under the jurisdiction of Missouri Public service commission. The company serves about 1,200 homes now with the capacity to serve an additional 3800 homes.

Electricity is provided by Ameren MO. Telephone, internet and TV services are provided by AT&T, Charter communications, or Big River Broadband.

The developer, Terre du Lac, Inc., is a 45 year old, privately owned company. The president wishes to retire. The company owns 1200 residential lots and over 1200 acres of undeveloped land. Much of this land is now for sale a highly discounted price of 20-50% off inventory prices. This is the time to buy into this highly desirable community. Interest rates have not been this low since 1956. Take advantage of this golden opportunity. THIS IS THE TIME TO BUY IN TERRE DU LAC!! Even if you do not want to build right now, buy a lot at these prices allowing you to utilize all the TDL facilities and build your dream house later.

2. How do I get to Terre Du Lac

Our sales office is located at 110 Rue Terre Bonne Terre, MO 63628.

Here is a link to a google map for your convenience (Click Here)

3. What will it cost me annually to own a lot?

The annual cost to maintain your undeveloped (no house) lot is about $ 250/year: $ 220/year for Association dues and about $ 30/year for property taxes.

4. What TDL amenities can I use when I buy a lot?

As a member of the POA, you and your family can use all the facilities owned and operated by the TDL Association. This includes the 16 lakes for boating, skiing, fishing, and other water sports plus use of the public beach areas. You and your family have access to all public parks and other green areas for picnicking, hiking, biking, horseback riding, etc. Your membership includes access to the Country Club facilities including golfing and dining. Additional fees apply as posted.

5. What type of lots are you selling?

There are 26 small lake front lots, three l acre golf fairway lots, 57 3 acre+ estate lots, 243 lots on and around the 9 hole golf course, and 971 lots spread out over the subdivision. For the discount lot prices, click on “Inventory List” at the top, right side of the page.

If you decide to build, there are several local builders who have built many homes in Terre du Lac and the surrounding area. Current construction costs range between $ 80 and $ 100 per square foot.